The Life of a Busy “Fitness” Bee

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends! Remember me? :) It’s okay if you don’t. I know I’ve been all over the place lately… Facebook posts, Insta posts, even Twitter tweets! But it’s time for some blog action, agreed? :)


Hmm, what’s new in the life of Shannon? What’s marvelous you ask?!


Getting big huge amazing Visalus boxes in the mail <3 Ahhh, love.


Finishing half marathons like NOTHIN with my dad.
Just good ol’ family bonding.


Drinking the best tasting smoothie I have ever had in my life.
And if you know me, you know I’m a smoothie connoisseur.


KILLING my workouts lately. <3 Muscles city, yo.
And nothing more hilarious then my friend snapchatting videos of me deadlifting. Niiiice, at least I was working hard! haha!


Spending the weekend with INCREDIBLE mentors and LEGENDS in the health and wellness community. #soblessed


Oh, did I mention meeting LEGENDS? Nick Sarnicola, everyone. One of the co-founders of Visalus. Yeah, that’s right. In the flesh.
His conference/lecture/talk on Wednesday changed my entire perspective on health and wellness and how to run my own at-home business in an incredibly humble and brilliantly fun and light-hearted way. :)


Did I mention that spending almost every day with this woman for hours on end has also been an incredible blessing? Seriously cannot express how much our friendship means to me. Thank you for everything beautiful! :)


Oh, and this is her son. UMMMM, adorable. :)


Aaaand so happy I get to workout a few times a week with my amazing #fitfriend Tara!! Girl, we’re making #GAINZ like it’s no one’s business <3


Throwing Challenge parties every two weeks has become my new lifelong love and obsession, and if you ever want to come over for a smoothie and some fun times, just hit me up, people. For real, I like throwing parties :)


Getting to spend some amazing quality time with this amazing woman. Miss you already girl, and I’m so happy your house-warming party was a success!




Living the #vilife. Thrilling. Blessing. Incredible. Amazing. Fantastic. Adventure. Awesome. Love love loving my Visalus family and life! Cannot even put into words how much this has ALREADY changed my life for the better. 21 days in, guys. Only THREE WEEKS. :) So grateful for this experience.

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Have a beautiful, fabulous, amazing, edifying week everybody! <3
Xoxo, peace & love, Shannon

My First Visalus Project 10 Challenge Party!

What an amazing night. Amazing people. Who want to better the world, better themselves, and help out some children who are battling obesity. I cannot stop smiling and I am so happy to be a part of this incredible program!


Last night I threw my first ever Challenge Party at my apartment. My mom and I got everything set up, with sample cups, name tags, and everything organized to host the slew of people coming to learn about the Project 10 Challenge!

photo (13)

I had an AMAZING turn out. 15 people at my very first Challenge party!!! I was HONORED to have Matt Parr and Lauren Trotnow come and speak to the group, about their experience with Visalus and their personal growth journeys with these programs. They have both lost a significant amount of weight and KEPT IT OFF, loving their new bodies, new-found energy levels, and all-around are just incredibly positive and motivating people in my life now :)


As you can tell, I’m pretty excited :)

I can’t wait to get everyone signed up to take this challenge, and EVEN some people to become promoters of the Challenge!! You guys, seriously LIFE CHANGING. <3

photo (14)

 And of course, my obligatory Body Pump post-class picture :) Happy happy camper, and yes, my shirt says Peanut Butter Lover <3

I’m having another Challenge party in about two weeks, everyone. If you are interested in coming, please let me know!! Come on over, we’ll drink a shake, and watch some videos. Pretty easy and awesome, right?

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Enjoy your WCW!!! :D


New Exciting News! I have accepted The Project 10 Challenge!

Hey hey hey people! Hope this (very delayed) post finds you extra happy and extra healthy and doing all awesome things that people love to do in summertime! (Idealistic, I know. But being positive can hopefully influence some moods out there! :) Yes!).

I have so many awesome updates to tell ya. I’m going to do a brief synopsis of my last 2 weeks (ish) and then I’ll get on to THE PROJECT 10 CHALLENGE! <3

Family Camping Trip. The second weekend in August, my dad’s family and I went on our annual camping trip, this year to Amnicon Falls State Park in Northern Wisconsin. SUCH a blast. Very relaxing, and some awesome trails and waterfalls were there! Here’s a synopsis of our time there:

photo (9)

Nuff said. Sisters and Dad in the falls, and me taking selfies. Yeah, bout right.

photo (8)

While there, I had to snap a progress pic. Workin on dem shouldas!

photo (6)

This past weekend was Irish Fest in Milwaukee. One of my favorite festivals of the summer, where my family and I can hoot and holler about being Irish. Yes, we’re a proud bunch, we Dunnes! My dad and I ran the Irish Fest 5K on Saturday, and ran an additional 4 miles afterwards, in preparation for our half marathon this COMING Saturday. Runners, I tell ya.

photo (5)

We stopped at a Farmer’s market downtown after the run for some sustenance. Smoothies and muffins anyone?

photo (2)photo (3)

After our run, we watched my youngest sister dance with Glencastle Irish Dancers! They were so amazing up there, and I’m so proud of her for how much she’s grown in the last 3+ years dancing! They always draw such a huge crowd, and this was her first year she could dance in her special Solo Dress.

Proud and beaming sister (see above)

photo (1)

Saturday night I got the chance to hang with a friend I haven’t seen in SO LONG (she finally moved back to Milwaukee from Minneapolis). We chat chat chatted for abouuuut 5 hours Saturday night. And yes, we still have more to catch up on. We tried a new restaurant called Cafe Bavaria, and we gave it two thumbs up!

photo (4)photo

Sunday brought another long run with a friend, and delicious perfect Queen Bloodies afterwards. We ate at the Knickerbocker, and their brunch is TO.DIE.FOR. Seriously cleaned my plate. Everything was outstanding!

And that about sums up my last few weeks! Just keeping busy, seeing friends and family, and work working. Ya know, the usual.

AND NOW, I’d like to introduce my newest life adventure, Body by Vi! I am still training and learning (as I just started this new adventure yesterday), but I am BEYOND thrilled to join the Visalus team, and to help save the world 10 pounds at a time!


I myself am joining the Project 10 Challenge too! My friend Lauren challenged me to lose 10 pounds with her, and now I challenge YOU to do the same! Join me! Here’s my link and other information about the challenge, but I will definitely be posting more on this as my blogs go on :)

If you’re not friends with me already, ADD ME ON FACEBOOK! 

And watch my Challenge Acceptance Video here! 

photo (10)

I am thrilled thrilled thrilled!  Ready to take on a new cause in life, and fight against Global Obesity! (And childhood obesity!)

Otherwise, if you want to know more about the Challenge itself, take a look here! It’s such a solid program, and I am on Day One today! HOLLAAAA <3

Xoxo, Peace and Love, and Happy Trails everybody!

TREslLjsQteBpO1YpuwP_Rabbit Hop Fail

WIAW: A Day at the Wisconsin State Fair!

I love the fair! I used to hate it. I felt dirty when I got home, always regretted what I ate, and was totally exhausted and sore from walking so much.


But NOW, I love it! I have a newly discovered appreciation for walking around the fairgrounds, people-watching, food-watching, and window-shopping through the Expo Center. I go every year with my grandparents, and I’m tellin ya, they know how to do the fair! Here’s a happy (short) recap of my day yesterday :)


The day started with a crazy intense INSANITY class. I knew I’d have to work for my food for the rest of the day ;)

photo 3 (1)

First stop at the Fair? Berres Brothers coffee.
Highlander Grogg, aka heaven on earth.

photo 1 (1)

Look, a chicken!

photo 2 (1)

I also befriended a baby cow. Her name is Foxy. Her moooooom’s name was Roxy. (See what I/they did there?) Such a sweetie!

photo 1 (2)

Terrible photo transition, but this was the highlight of my day. Chocolate-covered bacon. Allllllllllll day, guys. It was cold and was the perfect ratio of salty to sweet. One piece was all I needed, and I seriously savored every bite!

photo 3 (2)

My grandpa insisted I take a picture with our large order of french fries.

photo 4 (1)

So I snapped one of him with his maple ice cream sundae. Haha!

photo 5 (1)

 Oogling at this massive tractor. My grandpa grew up on a farm, so he was thoroughly impressed.

photo 4 (2)

Cream puff time! Guys, that’s a lotta cream.

photo 5 (2)

We had to make a pit-stop to look at these old Beanie Babies. When we were kids, my grandma would buy us a beanie for every holiday, birthday, any ol’ day, and we have SO MANY. Looking through these made us both feel extra nostalgic, and made me want to sift through the huge bin I have in my basement. Ah, those guys. Did anyone else collect Beanies as a kid??

photo 3

Went into the Horticulture Building – and, again, oogled at all the tapestries that were hand-sewn. This one (although its hard to tell, it was so high above my head), has all Disney characters sewn in there. I’m talkin’ OLD SCHOOL Disney. Going all the way back to Alice in Wonderland, The Rescuers Down Under, and even Fantasia. But it went all the way up through Emperor’s New Groove and even Tangled! Such craftsmanship!

photo 4photo 5

These are cakes. Like, SOLID frosting. I almost had to break into that case…

photo 2

Got DOWN on that turkey leg. Seriously one of my favorite parts of the fair. We rip off the skin (its all fat anyways) and just chow down on the meat.

I finished my night with a chocolate-covered frozen banana. It’s actually my usual favorite favorite dessert at the fair (and I ate it so fast that I forgot to take a picture!) but it’s so light, nourishing, and I don’t feel so bad since its fruit ;)

All in all, an awesome and memorable time at the fair!

photo 1

And yes, had to get that cycling in this morning to work off that turkey leg!

Happy happy happy Wednesday!

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MIMM: 25th birthday celebratory weekend! So.Much.Cake.


Cake. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my birthday weekend. Cake and a lot of reallyyyyyy good Mexican food <3


My mom surprised me at work the morning of my birthday with a DELICIOUS carrot cake – my favorite favorite kind of cake/ probably my favorite dessert ever.


And I made her take a selfie with me <3 Love you mama!

me and mom

The night of my birthday was filled with stories, laughs, cake, tacos, presents, beautiful sunsets, and more cake.


My step mom made an incredible Mexican dinner, with homemade fish tostadas, black bean and corn salsa, yellow rice (my fave), and some incredible sangria. Yeah, it’s safe to say I had my fair share in helpings of THAT meal!


My younger sister even MADE this cake for me from scratch – decorated with frosting and everything! She is so talented, eh? (Yes it was freaking delicious, and YES that is edible glitter on top… she knows me so well ;) )


Friday morning, I made the (somewhat) difficult but necessary decision to forego extra sleep and get to Body Pump that morning. Yessss it was so worth it – such a good class and really felt the burn!


One of my favorite tasks this weekend was to figure out how to use my newest gadget, a birthday gift to me… behold, the iPhone 5s. I never thought the day would come when I would switch from my Android, but it had to happen, and I.AM.THRILLED. My sisters and I can all iMessage now, and that kinda sums up why its better :)


I was contemplating this as a second gift for myself, but thought… “Shannon, get a grip. You’re 25, and people don’t need more reasons to think you’re 18.”


I only have a few pictures from Saturday night, but it was a GREAT time with friends celebrating my birthday – oh yeah, with more Mexican food. They brought out this (hilarious) sombrero and sang me a really (hilariously pathetic and awkward) birthday song with maracas, and gave me a plate with flan and a candle in it. The food was outSTANDing, and I’m so glad I got to catch up with some friends and my sister! (Yes, they let me keep the sombrero, too).


I forced everyone to take singular pictures with me too. Its prom again!! I’ll post this one of me and my sister, so you can get an idea haha!


Yesterday, before my sister started her sojourn back to Chicago, we went for a nice (long) ((hilly)) bike ride with my dad to a park nearby our house. It was actually a great workout, and a beautiful day for it (until it started downpouring). Ahhh, family fun, right?

10430821_10202670054864752_162540389175201084_n Hope you all had stellar weekends <3 And thanks for all your birthday wishes!! I’m so happy and so blessed :) hashtag: sentimentalmoment.

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Hayyyy 25…Lookin Good! Birthday Post!

Hayooooo Birthdayyyy!!! (Those are my Thursday thoughts, exactly!) Wow, July is just about over, and I am another year older. Is 25 old? I sure don’t feel old. But in some ways, I do feel older than 25.

Regardless, I am a smiley ball of sunshine today :) Woot! I love summer, and I love free Starbucks. #jussayin. Had to stop there this morning and snatch it up!


Yesterday morning, I got some awesome lower body lifting in. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a strictly “leg day” so this was a happy pre-birthday workout!

20140730_051307Last night, after our fun run, my dad and stepmom surprised me with a HUGE birthday cake! They know how much I looooove frosting on cakes, so I was able to eat one of those balloons you see in this picture below (guys, I died of happiness, but not really. But almost)


And of course, all my happy birthday gym selfies.

20140731_054059 20140731_054338 20140731_054859

Got my swim on, got my run on, and got my upper body lifting on today. Hayooo!

I cannot wait to spend my birthday with people I love, and celebrate with my best friends this weekend. Can’t wait to see my sister tomorrowwwwwwwwwww! Seriously hashtag blessed.

Love you all, thanks for the birthday wishes. Now go hug your puppies, because for real, I miss mine, and can’t wait to see him tonight too <3 :)


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MIMM: Officially a Triathlete!

I did it, you guys! Completed my very first triathlon this weekend. Albeit it was a triathlon sprint, I still feel so happy and totally accomplished; it was such an awesome and fun experience, and I’m so lucky to have been able to do it with my dad for my upcoming 25th birthday! Such a solid workout. Let’s recap with some photos, yes? <3


Friday night: relaxation and carbo-loading. Pretty solid. I forgot to take a picture of my meal, but I had a massive sweet potato with peanut butter and a salad, so graciously built by my step-mom. DA-LISH.

Eeeearly Saturday morning (about 5:30am), my dad and I gallivant off to central Wisconsin, just past the Wisconsin Dells, to our triathlon destination. Long drive, but it was totally beautiful and scenic on the way up, and we were able to talk-out our pre-race jitters :)


My little sister woke me up (at 5:30am) and presented me with this
beautiful hand-made sign, wishing me luck :)
Had to pose Gus with it, doesn’t he look so excited for me too?!

We get to our destination, check in, get our things ready, and set up our stations.

20140726_082411 20140726_082413

Here is a quick shot I took of our stations, both bikes, all our gear laid out. I took another picture (on the right) showing how close we were to the lake.
Such a beautiful, perfect morning!


C’mon, HOW HILARIOUS do we look?!


I brought my sister’s sign to show her how awesome she is for making it for me! All ready to go! And we finished TRIUMPHANT! The swim was beautiful and the water was warm. We ran as much as we could in the beginning, and then quickly transitioned into a swim for the remaining parts.

Ran out of the water, washed our feet off, and quickly jumped on our bikes! The ride was spectacular and we had a lot of talk time through the fields and farmland of Wisconsin. Came through the transition and grabbed our ipods for the last leg of the tri: the run. Easy peasy right? Well our legs were JELLY from pushing through the bike ride, so it took us a couple minutes to get into the swing of it!IMG_20140726_112541

Here we are: happy clams! We called ourselves “Team Watermelon” the whole time haha! Thought we were pretty clever for that ;)

  As we sat enjoying our barbeque sandwiches, chocolate milk, fresh fruit, and gulping down water, we stayed to listen to the awards ceremony. Lo and behold…


I won second in my age group!! Whaaat. How does that happen?! I felt so great after receiving this cute engraved glass with the race and my place in it :) Yippee!


I knew deep down why the race went so well: we had a solid support system, and great preparation for it, but more importantly, we had positive motivating thoughts for the entire race. We were driven to do well, and would NOT stop until we finished and felt strong!


My dad is such an inspiration to me; and I am so blessed and thankful that he signs up for all these races to coach me and motivate me through! As he now says, “I’ve caught the bug,” but I know where I got it: FROM HIM! <3 Thanks pop!


Moving on to Sunday morning… the Cudahy Classic in South Milwaukee. There were options for a 10 mile and 5 mile run, and even though we initially signed up for the 10 miler, we did not have time (nor probably enough energy and muscle strength) to do that, so we opted for the 5 miler and crushed it!


(The above photo of the tree was one of my favorite parts of the rest area after the Cudahy Classic – if only my sister were in town, she’d climb straight up!)


And how did I start my Monday? Well BODYPUMP of course!
I’m surprised you asked ;)
Such a perfect way to start my BIRTHDAY WEEK! <3

Happy happy, joy joy.
Peace & Love.

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