Its Time.

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. :)

It’s really been a ridiculous amount of time since I last posted on this here blog. I honestly didn’t know what to write about – so much has changed in the last 6 months, and so many improvements have been made. I think to start off, I’m just going to summarize how much my life has changed… in pictures. We all like pictures, right??

photo 1 (1)

photo 2

Right after my last post, my sister and I went to COSTA RICA over Thanksgiving! Hiking, relaxing by the pool, good eating, and obviously meeting toucans and tropical animals covered our week-long trip there. SO amazing. We’re going again, soon, right?

photo 1 (1)

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (6)photo 4 (3)

Oh, I started to cook some real good foods lately too. Apparently I love eggs.

photo 1photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (4)photo 2

That one time All those times I took a bunch of gym selfies. Oh wait, my whole Instagram is made of them ;) Just seeing #gainz people!

photo 1photo 3

Doing my best to keep my nutrition on track. STOP analyzing everything. STOP worrying about imperfection. And STOP depriving myself.
Have MORE fun, MORE food, and MORE life experiences. Such an amazing way to live.

photo 2 (1)

Oh, about my love life. Yeah, I have a WONDERFUL boyfriend.
He’s Patrick. And I seriously haven’t been this happy in… a VERY long time.
Okay, mushy over :) Here’s our relationship slideshow. <3

photo 2 (2)

We went to Door County for Valentine’s weekend. I KNOW! Good food, good wine, amazing bonding time together, and ultimate relaxation.

photo 3 (1)photo 1 (2)

Yeah, he runs too. We enjoy each others’ company.

photo 3

Just went to our first cooking class last night! We won bacon brittle, and drank some amazing wine. Preparing to become professional chefs. Stay tuned.

 photo 4

Life is just pretty sweet and awesome and radical and fantastic and amazing and all the swaggy words you can use to describe being extremely happy and grateful for everything happening right about now.

Be prepared for more posts, I pinkie promise people.

xoxo. Peace & Love. xoxo.

Tuesday Tastes: Cinnamon!

Hello, hi, good morning friends! Almost the end of September, everyone – and I hope you’re making the best of this beautiful Fall weather :)

Got a beautiful walk in with my family and puppy over the weekend, as well as a solid run in yesterday morning at the gym! #happyShannon over here!

photo 1 (1)photo


So getting to today’s blog theme – I haven’t done a Tuesday Tastes (food-oriented) post in WAY TOO LONG, so starting today I’m holding myself accountable! You people must be starving out there without my compilations of recipes! ;)

Going along with a suggestion from my mom, I’m focusing on a key ingredient in many sweet fall recipes today: Cinnamon.

benefits of cinnamon

One of my favorite spices (mostly because I associate it with smelling wonderfully and the Autumn season), I have found some stellar recipes for y’all to take a look at to maybe incorporate into your Fall cooking this year! Enjoy!

Cinnamon-Caramel-Apple-Energy-Balls-4-titleCinnamon Caramel Apple Energy Bites

Cinnamon Sugar Baked Apple Chips

Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas

Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries

apple cinnamon blondies
Apple Cinnamon Blondies

Healthy Cinnamon and Sugar Apple Muffins

pumpkin chili
Pumpkin Chili

What are some of your favorite uses of cinnamon?
Try some of these recipes and let me know what you think!!

Peace & Love

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TOL: Fall Edition 9.25.14

So its been awhile since I did a themed Thursday Thinking Out Loud post (as always thanks Amanda for the inspiration!), and since this iiiiiiiiis the first week of Autumn, let’s roll with it :)


1. I haven’t had the opportunity to bust out my boots yet for this season (I mean, Fall did JUST start on Monday), but you better believe next week they’re coming out! Wisconsin is so confusing with its weather… its 50 degrees when its supposed to be Summer, and now that it is Fall, we have mid-70’s. Oy vey!

boots season

2. Okay so I had to put a point about pumpkin SOMETHING in here. I mean, what’s more Fall than pumpkin-flavored stuff?! I found a recipe for Oatmeal Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies, which sounds incredible… but I’m going to put a little spin on it and try making it with my added Body By Vi Sweet Almond flavored protein too, going to exchange the maple syrup for honey, and I’m not going to add raising ;) GOSH that sounds amazing… excuse me, I’ll be right back after I make 8 batches.

oatmeal pumpkin breakfast cookies

EVERY SINGLE RECIPE (not an exaggeration) on this blog looks more delicious than the next. But her more recent post about how to cook Autumn Herb Roasted Chicken sounds just DECADENT. Seriously perfect for this weather and time of year, I hope you all try something like this!

autumn herb roasted chicken

These Chocolate Cherry Apple Rings just screeeam Fall food. Such a light tasty treat for this perfect apple season!


Lastly, these Spicy Gluten-free, Paleo Zucchini Boats sound AMAZING and definitely like something I would meal-prep for dinners for the week in Fall!! Love combining veggies and meat in unique ways! :)

spicy zucchini boats

3. Even though summertime running season is over (saaaaaaaaaaad!), I’m still going to maintain my outdoor runs through the Fall. Yes, it calls for a wardrobe change, but it’s such a beautiful time to run – I really can’t complain :)

running in fall

4. Speaking of wardrobe changes, here are some (obviously completely necessary) clothing items I (desperately need) want to buy sometime soon (now).

nike running gloves
Nike Running Gloves

fabletics leggings
These Fabletics Leggings.
HOW FUN, right?!

nike long sleeved running shirt
LOVE this bright color for Fall!
From Nike.

glycerin brooks running shoes
No harm in looking at new running shoes for a new season…
Right? :) Gotta love my Brooks!

autumn workout outfit
I’ll just wear this everyday forever, kthnx.

5. Love this quote. Change of seasons, change of mood, change of spirit. But always staying true to myself, because I KNOW everything will turn out okay :) Surrounded by so much love and positive mindsets, how can it not?!

be okay

Hope you all have a spectacular and beautiful day, as always <3photo

Peace & Love

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Fox Cities Half Marathon – Got my PR!

Happy Monday people! Took me awhile to muster up the energy to write this blog post today, not gonna lie.

Was a long, relaxing weekend to be sure, and the cherry on top was getting my Personal Record for my half marathon yesterday!!

Started the weekend with a “Hmph, it’s Finally FRIDAY” attitude.
Totally necessary.

Spent the day Saturday with my mom and Buddy. Such a relaxing day!! :)

Fast forward to my dad and I all set at the Starting Line for the Fox Cities half marathon! 7am start, 2 hours away… meant for a very early awakening Sunday morning! And it was 50 degrees, lightly drizzling, and cloudy. Ohhhh yeah.

Gang’s all here! Our running group pre-race selfie! Sarah (top left) ran the full marathon, while Nicole, my dad and I did the half. Love these guys!

Here’s my route. Here’s my time. And I AM THRILLED!! This was not only my best time for a half marathon TO DATE, but I KNOW I have a sub-2 hour half in me. Maybe even this year if I can find one in a month or so! I felt so great finishing, and my last 3 miles were all sub 9:30-pace!

Loving our medals. :) So proud of my dad for running!
He really keeps me going, and I am so blessed that he runs with me still!
Lots of good father-daughter talk time during those two hour runs :)

All you fellow runners KNOW this is so true. #stressrelief

My super-amazing-delicious dinner I made last night. Pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. Best chicken I’ve baked in a really long time!

Oh, and I bet you’ve missed my Gus pictures! I got to hang out with this HUGE FLUFFY guy all day yesterday :) #bestfriend

This quote totally speaks to how I try and continue to juggle everything in my life. Sometimes it feels like too much. Sometimes I want to quit. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone and just be alone. But I re-position myself, collect my happy thoughts, and realize that I am blessed and grateful for EVERYTHING I have in my life. Blooming in adversity is what life really is all about. Not the struggle, but the journey to accomplishing our goals and being truly, ultimately happy :)
(Not to mention bringing others we love along with us!) <3

Have a beautiful week everyone. Peace & Love always.

Thursday Thoughts – Photo Edition 9.18.14

I think we all know what Thursdays are for… <3


SUCH an important topic. Vi is donating TWICE as much to these children battling obesity. It’s time to TAKE ACTION.
Who wants to join me in this fight against obesity?! Let’s connect on Facebook or message me directly!

Check out my personal site for more information, lovelies!


Completed some AMAZING workouts the last few days.
<3 Photo Summary BELOW <3

connie lauren me gym

Yes I count this as us working out :) Love this bae <3

tara me


I’ve been so happy to get back in the pool!! #swimmerforlife


Had a FABULOUS time with friends in Houston, TX over the weekend for the amazing Vitality conference!! I learned so much, filled my notebook with notes, met over 100 new faces and made so many warm memories with new friends. SERIOUSLY cannot wait for the next one! I am so blessed to be a part of this company – they really know where they’re going, where they want to be, and how to get there. Happy to go along for the journey!! :)

jen lauren nick melauren me matt me

Not to mention, I got to meet WINNING Visalus Fitness models.
Yeahhh, now I have #goals.

mel me

buddy me

AND Vi announced their new ViBites! The best and healthiest way to snack during the day, since HELLO that can be the hardest part of eating for some of us ;) They have four different kinds, two protein-rich and two low-cal. I have my huge sampler box at home anddddd they’re amazing. #inlove #gimmemoresnacks

vi bites

Ready to continue this crazy, exciting, fantastic lifestyle I’m just starting.
I’m ready to go big, and definitely not ready to go home :)


How have you all been?! Seriously feels like eons since I’ve heard from some of you or commented on your blogs!
I’ll be going through today and catching up!! <3

Peace & Love Always <3

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The Life of a Busy “Fitness” Bee

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends! Remember me? :) It’s okay if you don’t. I know I’ve been all over the place lately… Facebook posts, Insta posts, even Twitter tweets! But it’s time for some blog action, agreed? :)


Hmm, what’s new in the life of Shannon? What’s marvelous you ask?!


Getting big huge amazing Visalus boxes in the mail <3 Ahhh, love.


Finishing half marathons like NOTHIN with my dad.
Just good ol’ family bonding.


Drinking the best tasting smoothie I have ever had in my life.
And if you know me, you know I’m a smoothie connoisseur.


KILLING my workouts lately. <3 Muscles city, yo.
And nothing more hilarious then my friend snapchatting videos of me deadlifting. Niiiice, at least I was working hard! haha!


Spending the weekend with INCREDIBLE mentors and LEGENDS in the health and wellness community. #soblessed


Oh, did I mention meeting LEGENDS? Nick Sarnicola, everyone. One of the co-founders of Visalus. Yeah, that’s right. In the flesh.
His conference/lecture/talk on Wednesday changed my entire perspective on health and wellness and how to run my own at-home business in an incredibly humble and brilliantly fun and light-hearted way. :)


Did I mention that spending almost every day with this woman for hours on end has also been an incredible blessing? Seriously cannot express how much our friendship means to me. Thank you for everything beautiful! :)


Oh, and this is her son. UMMMM, adorable. :)


Aaaand so happy I get to workout a few times a week with my amazing #fitfriend Tara!! Girl, we’re making #GAINZ like it’s no one’s business <3


Throwing Challenge parties every two weeks has become my new lifelong love and obsession, and if you ever want to come over for a smoothie and some fun times, just hit me up, people. For real, I like throwing parties :)


Getting to spend some amazing quality time with this amazing woman. Miss you already girl, and I’m so happy your house-warming party was a success!




Living the #vilife. Thrilling. Blessing. Incredible. Amazing. Fantastic. Adventure. Awesome. Love love loving my Visalus family and life! Cannot even put into words how much this has ALREADY changed my life for the better. 21 days in, guys. Only THREE WEEKS. :) So grateful for this experience.

Instagram: @apples2abs
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Facebook: Find me! Here’s my profile picture for reference.


Have a beautiful, fabulous, amazing, edifying week everybody! <3
Xoxo, peace & love, Shannon

My First Visalus Project 10 Challenge Party!

What an amazing night. Amazing people. Who want to better the world, better themselves, and help out some children who are battling obesity. I cannot stop smiling and I am so happy to be a part of this incredible program!


Last night I threw my first ever Challenge Party at my apartment. My mom and I got everything set up, with sample cups, name tags, and everything organized to host the slew of people coming to learn about the Project 10 Challenge!

photo (13)

I had an AMAZING turn out. 15 people at my very first Challenge party!!! I was HONORED to have Matt Parr and Lauren Trotnow come and speak to the group, about their experience with Visalus and their personal growth journeys with these programs. They have both lost a significant amount of weight and KEPT IT OFF, loving their new bodies, new-found energy levels, and all-around are just incredibly positive and motivating people in my life now :)


As you can tell, I’m pretty excited :)

I can’t wait to get everyone signed up to take this challenge, and EVEN some people to become promoters of the Challenge!! You guys, seriously LIFE CHANGING. <3

photo (14)

 And of course, my obligatory Body Pump post-class picture :) Happy happy camper, and yes, my shirt says Peanut Butter Lover <3

I’m having another Challenge party in about two weeks, everyone. If you are interested in coming, please let me know!! Come on over, we’ll drink a shake, and watch some videos. Pretty easy and awesome, right?

Check out my site here

Enjoy your WCW!!! :D